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The Centre de Formation Familiale et Sociale de Jacmel (CFFSJ) is a non-profit organization 501(3)© established  with a board in New York whith mission to support the Center in Jacmel managed by the Sisters of St. Joseph de Cluny in the city of Jacmel, Haiti situated in the Southeastern department of Haiti.

Originally the center was created in Jacmel since 1976 by Ms. Myriam Turnier, Mrs. Zulmelie Ratchen, and Father Poulard who saw the need for young Jacmeliens to have a trade in order to secure a job and deterred them to be on the street with no future and becoming vagrant and be part of gangs.

Ms. Turnier even though she moved to NY, she stayed connected to the everyday operation of the center  which is now a charity of the Sisters of St. Joseph de Cluny. The Sisters had kept the mission of inspiring these young women to envision a brighter future by learning key skills that enable them to enter the workforce, become financial contributors to their families and/or work while pursuing higher education. 3 years ago Ms. Myriam Turnier joined with Ginette Sangosse and created a U.S. branch aiming at assisting CFFSJ of Jacmel.


For the last 3 years, CFFSJ of New York has contributed to CFFSJ in Jacmel 6 solar panels, installation of invertor with 6 six batteries, repaired the cooking are with cabinet installations, natural gas ovens, 3 gas containers, Cooking and baking utensils, one blender, Tables and chairs, materials for sewing, embroidery, art and craft materials, water reservoirs, participated in payroll for staff. Our biggest project is the construction of two classrooms that are almost completer but due to COVID construction was halted due to lack of funds. We hope that this year our efforts in fundraising will be fruitful. 

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